Happy Belated President’s Day!

Happy belated President’s Day! I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend, descending upon the local mall or car dealership in a furious shopping attack picking up sale after President’s Day sale. Or in our case realizing that this is one of the few days the Post Office shuts its doors and lets it’s workers take a well deserved day off. Which would not have mattered if we didn’t have packages to ship out…oops. Or in the case of our local school system, I’m sure the students were lamenting the fact that they had to go to school on a holiday, in need of a break before the stress of mid-terms rears it’s ugly head. President’s Day sadly is usually an oft forgotten holiday exploited by car dealerships and department stores to hawk last minute sales in the no-mans land retail landscape between Christmas and when it is actually warm enough to wear the Spring/Summer Fashions that stores have had on display since January.

But I think President’s Day is more important than sales or a day off or no mail. It is a time to celebrate the accomplishment of all our Presidents, and especially two of our most important ones- George Washington and Abraham Lincoln- whose birthdays both coincidentally fall during the month of February. It is a celebration of the birthday of George Washington who one of our founders and our first President. He set the example for all the presidents to follow him with his grace, humility, leadership, and devotion to the Republic. I honestly do not think any other man could have led our nascent country and put it on a path of greatness the way that he did. It is a celebration of the birthday of Abraham Lincoln who led our country during it’s most tumultuous and divided time in our history and we came out the other side better and stronger. President’s day is not only a time to celebrate and honor not only these two great men but also all the men who have made it to our nation’s highest office. It is also a time to reflect on our nation’s history, both the good moments and the bad, and learn from them as we look to our future as a country and who could be our future president as we enter the middle of primary season. Happy Birthday George! Happy Birthday Abe! Happy Birthday America! (ok so it’s not really the nation’s birthday…that’s July 4th…but can President’s Day be USA’s bday in February like there is Christmas in August? I think so 🙂 )

Oh before I go…I leave you with some patriotic LEGO goodies! Enjoy! 🙂

This is a LEGO sculpture of Mount Rushmore, which features four of the USA's greatest Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. It was made by LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya. Please chekc out more at his website http://www.brickartist.com.

This is a LEGO bust of George Washington at LEGOland!

The President's Home! The White House is part of the LEGO Architecture series.

LEGO Mosaic of our 44th and sitting President Barack Obama. It was done by Sean Kenney and represents his official portrait. Please check out his website at http://www.seankenney.com for more awesome work!


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