#TrophyCup for #Penthanerd! We engraved

#TrophyCup for #Penthanerd! We engraved the #LEGO bricks in the columns for each year’s winning team, and printed the 1x6x5 white panel with the logo. Love seeing how people incorporate our #custom pieces into an awesome #MOC! http://ow.ly/i/iAY61

Product Design 2016 Torsos

We do these for Prof. David Robertson for his classes at the Wharton School of Business. We print up the torsos with the class name/year and the student’s name. He brings in his own accessories, hair, hats, legs, and heads and the students get to personalize their own. Love to be able to see the final product! It’s such a fun idea! #LEGO #business #Wharton
david robertson figs 2016.jpg


Business cards we did for Warren Kong of @LightswitchINC. #Custom #LEGO makes a memorable giveway!


lightswitch warren kong.jpg

Smoky Quartz, NC

smoky quartz nc 2.jpg
This is a favorite Smoky Quartz from NC in my mineral collection. I used the app OfficeLens to capture the original labels and then printed them onto 2×4 white LEGO tiles. Looking forward to bringing this to the Hickory Gem and Mineral Show!


cerussite.jpgBeen working a bit on this idea as planning on going to Hickory Gem and Mineral Show this weekend and thought would experiment a bit. Take a few there and see what reaction is. Introduce LEGO into mineral collecting community Here is one of my favourite inexpensive rocks I got from Lawrence Conklin (he was a very famous dealer that is kind of revered in the mineral collecting hobby). I figured it deserved a stand. There are so many variations one can come up with , but think I really like each stand having it back drop–especially for small ones. And can build to the size and aesthetics of the specimen. Any suggestions? I wish I could build stuff as well as all my LEGO friends. Any suggestions welcome.

I have finally found a use for LEGO and my printer for myself. Huzzah, Huzzah!




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