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New Custom Items added to our BrickLink and Etsy Stores!

At BrickEngraver we have been busy adding stock custom items to our Bricklink Store (The Original BrickEngraver) and our Etsy Store (The Original BrickEngraver). These include dice tiles, printed flags, and TARDIS tiles. Are there any custom items that you would like us to add? Any flags that we haven’t printed up yet? Different fonts? […]

New to the Etsy Store!!!

We have recently added some new items to our Etsy and Bricklink Stores! Check it out!!

French Flag printed on 1x2 white brick. Only $1!!!!

Canadian Flag for only $1!!!!

Fonts printed onto 1x1 white tiles. Contains 2 full alphabets. Only $15!

We also just completed our two first personalized keychains through Etsy! Very exciting!

2x4 orange brick with AJAX in red text made into a keychain!

2x6 blue brick with silver text turned into a keychain!

LEGO(tm) Flags

One of our new stock items are flags printed onto 1×2 white bricks! So far we have done the US Flag, the Japanese Flag, and the Danish flag with hopes to expand to other countries and the states of the US as well. It would be a great addition to a MOC or to personalize a LEGO(tm) world mag with a “pin” for everywhere someone has been.

Please visit our etsy store or our bricklink store to order!

What country do you think we should print next? Should we expand to do tiles? All comments are most welcome!

The Original BrickEngraver Bricklink Store is now open!

We now have a Bricklink store open and ready for business!!!! It will feature an assortment of items that we have collected over the years from panels to slopes to rare color bricks to technic to random piece that we have no idea what to do with…but hopefully someone will find a way to include it in their next MOC. 🙂 One of our goals is to eventually also add our licensed Nathan Sawaya pieces either through the BrickLink store or our website or both. We are adding inventory everyday as we go through our summer cleaning and organizational frenzy so please feel free to check back on a regular basis!