Learn Windows 8 Navigation with LEGO -exclusive from The Original BrickEngraver

Figs NOT Included 🙂

$8.88 each through October. Limited quantities http://www.brickprinter.com

Windows 8 is almost upon us. And like it or not this is the future of computing in the Microsoft world. I personally am ready to embrace it as the older I get, the more I like to try new things. Of course many old people are completely different and do not like to get out of their “comfort zone”. I have been using the Consumer Preview for months now and it runs all my engraving software on a little ThinkPad netbook with no problems. I have all my print and engraving files synced with SkyDrive so that those precious files which many took hours to perfect, are not only backed up on my machine, my other home machine, and on an external hard drive but also “in the cloud.”

As much as I really like many of the features in Windows 8, it is a bit confusing, and for some people difficult to navigate with a mouse. But remember you do not have to rely solely on the mouse and touch (if that is available), but the KEYBOARD IS ALMOST ALWAYS PRESENT unless you are using strictly as a tablet. Learn some simple NEW shortcuts and you will discover a new sextant for navigation over this seemingly befuddling sea.

And learning shortcuts is a bit of a pain, especially for ones you only occasionally use, but we at BrickeEngraver LLC, the pre-eminent personalizer of the iconic LEGO™ brick ,(after all we created this new media back in 2002) , have created a little 3D mnemonic device out of our beloved brick to help all ages to remember them.  This is after all in MSspeak, a world of “devices and services”.

Learn these KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS and you will be able to make your landfall quicker and with more precision. And for all those old farts out there who remember DOS before the mouse, they are really kind of like a friendly home port. For the people who never use the KEYBOARD to navigate, you might want to give it a try.


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