The Original BrickEngraver to launch new accessory for Windows 8

We, Sara Elaine and myself, have been hunkered down in our top secret design bunker readying the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) of our brand new product that is the first Windows 8 accessory pack. We have spent literally hours designing and prototyping in order get this brand new product ready. If people use it, it will help all the millions out there who are going to be thoroughly confused with this new operating system’s radical interface. (of course only a very limited number will “actually” be able to purchase it until some counterfeiter overseas floods the market with them at 1/3 the price).

Now don’t get me wrong, I have been using Windows 8 for over 6 months now and really like a lot of what it can do. It will be, I think, awesome on a touch tablet “form factor”. (notice how I used “form factor”–the “buzzword” of current jargon). It will be a bit of a struggle for a lot of people using it with a keyboard and mouse, especially old farts, although not really that hard after a bit of getting used to even for an old fart.

But never fear, The Design team of the world renown BrickEngraver LLC is here to help ease the pain and bring a little delight. Using the beloved LEGO brick and our incomparable techniques and vision, we will help guide you through this new frontier with some good old fashioned help-and I mean old fashioned. Sometimes methods of the past are still valid and preferable to the”new and improved” methodology of the present. We entered into a contract with one of the pre-eminent LEGO designers and journalists in the world to help make this vision come into reality.(it cost us dearly-a first class meal at the 18 Seaboard restaurant in Raleigh). But we felt it our civic duty to get only the best. In a mere 12 minutes he came up with the design so that works out to like $300/hour. Those are lawyer like fees my oldest son charges; but like they say, a good lawyer is worth every penny when you need him just as a good LEGO designer is when you need him (or her).

We expect the demand to be overwhelming, and unlike Nokia , we plan on having quantities to ship on Windows 8 release (at least 25). We are looking to the Apple model for our marketing on this product, if you announce it, then have it for sale. Of course we limited the quantities because we want to “sell out in a week” and also our production capability is a total of 2 1/2 people. GA (“general availability”), will be on October 27th for limited numbers. Stay tuned for further “teasers” as they say in the “marketing game”. We are employing all the “social media” resources we understand and are told to employ by the “experts” so this has to be a successful launch.

Tommy Armstrong


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