Wondering What to Get Your Teachers as a Thank-You Gift? How about their very own LEGO MOC!

That’s right. What could be a more memorable, unique, and thoughtful gift than creating a scene that epitomizes your academic journey together than a finely-built LEGO vignette? With meticulous detail, adorable mini-figures for the teachers and an engraved tile to label the MOC. I honestly couldn’t think of a better present. ūüôā Or a better way to secure great future job recommendations. : P Neither could Nannan Zhang (the sincere thank-you present part…not the cynical ploy for a¬†recommendation part). He¬†created the below MOC as a thank you present for his anatomy professors at the UTSW Medical School. We helped out by engraving a 1×8 black tile with “UTSW Anatomists” in white text. We always love seeing our engraved pieces in MOCs, especially one as fun and creative as this one. I especially love the very cool lamps and the cute little gray stools. As Tommy would say…it’s world class. Enjoy the below pictures and to check out more from Nannan Zhang please visit his flickr page at Nannan Z.¬†, contributing to the Brothers Brick blog, and running Creations for Charity. Thanks to Nannan for letting us use the photos!

UTSW Anatomists MOC

UTSW Anatomists MOC

UTSW Anatomists MOC

UTSW Anatomists MOC


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