A Vote for Stephen Colbert is a Vote for LEGOs!!!!

One of Tommy’s New Years Resolutions this year was to stay out of politics. I know I know this may seem COMPLETELY untenable during an Election Year but goodness is he trying (and is doing better than my New Years Resolutions of blogging more and going to the gym…whoops…). Tommy’s idea behind avoiding politics is mainly to avoid conflict and the utter insanity that is campaign season with the plethora of inane speeches and ads. Also, arguments with his daughter. I was a Political Science major so I am sort of a political junkie, which means I devour politics like it’s candy (sometimes it’s the cardboard flavor out of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans…but not everything in life can be scrumptious chocolate). While this means we listen to more ESPN radio as opposed to NPR in the car (seriously…those are the only two stations we listen to in the car)…one thing that Dad and I can agree on this Election Year is watching the Colbert Report.  He doesn’t count this as politics because it is way too hilarious a program to stop watching. Another thing we can agree on…we are so excited that Colbert is running for the President of the United States of South Carolina. Sorry, excuse me, EXPLORING a POSSIBLE run for the President of the United States of South Carolina. All I know is that Tommy is going to be one of the 13% who will write in Stephen Colbert as an independent (according to PPP Polling that is how much support he would garner if he ran as an independent).

But does Stephen Colbert’s potential run for President have to do with LEGOs? Suprisingly… alot! Colbert first came out in support of LEGOs back in 2008 when he had Nathan Sawaya, the amazing BrickArtist on his show as a guest. Nathan even made a life-sized Stephen Colbert out of LEGOs!!! Hmm…maybe we have found Colbert’s running mate…LEGO Stephen! A VP focused on fun, family, building, toys, and education. I like it. Below are links to Nathan’s website and to the clip of his appearance on the Colbert Report.

Nathan Sawaya at the Colbert Report!

(via nerdygirllove)

Lego Stephen Colbert - lego photo


Okay, okay…so that was four years ago…the last time Colbert tried to run for President…but what has he done for LEGOs since then? Well this year he opened up for FIRST President John Dudas for the introductory video shown at the First Robotics Competition (FRC) across the country. It is great, especially when he greets the students as “future techno overlords”…smart man 🙂 A candidate who supports science education in our schools…now that’s someone I can get behind! Below is the link to the entire video.


What is Stephen Colbert’s goal for running for President of the United States of South Carolina? Or starting a SuperPAC (Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow) and ceding leadership to Jon Stewart (who is he is definitely NOT coordinating with…at all…even though they keep appearing on each’s others shows…but apparently that’s still legal…). Colbert is the only one who really knows. But this extended political practical joke has done something absolutely brilliant…behind the antics and the jokes and the ridiculously hilarious SuperPAC ads (one accuses Mitt Romney of being a serial killer…because corporations are people my friend…and if you dismantle them it’s like killing them…really watch the clip…there’s a link below…I can’t do it justice). It has exposed the corruption and the undue influence of money in politics that is perpetrated by candidates on both sides of the aisle. This is seemingly legal thanks in no small part to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that declared that corporations are people and money=speech. So the more money you have the more speech you have…even if you are “not” coordinating with your SuperPAC. So if you are a citizen of South Carolina and haven’t yet voted in the primary today…vote for Herman Cain…because a vote for Herman Cain is a vote for Stephen Colbert (Colbert couldn’t get on the ballot but Cain couldn’t get off even though he has already dropped out of the race…so they basically swapped bodies for SC…ingenious huh?). Whether you vote for Colbert for fun, for LEGOs or to show the other candidates that we deserve a better slate to pick from if we would rather pick a late-night comedian than any of the rest of them, or as tongue-in-cheek protest against the prevalence of money in politics…please vote. Because voting is one of the most important rights we have as an American citizen. And that’s the Word. 🙂

For more info on Colbert’s Presidential Run check out the links below! Be sure to check out the Super PAC ads…they’re going to be the funniest political ads you’re likely to see all election season!

The Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert SuperPAC: Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow

NY Times Magazine Article: How Many Stephen Colbert’s Are There?

NPR Report– Stephen Colbert Wants You to Know: That’s Definitely Not His SuperPAC



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One response to “A Vote for Stephen Colbert is a Vote for LEGOs!!!!”

  1. The Original BrickEngraver/BrickPrinter says :

    I must say you are turning into a quite lucid and accomplished pundit. Daddy

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