Roll Tide!!!

As a diehard NC State and Wake Forest fan I’m not really much of an SEC football fan…but I did watch the BCS National Championship game on Monday night (I’m too much of a football fan not to)…and I have to say that was one of the best defensive performances I have ever seen. I had to root for Alabama, because 1.) I always root for the underdog (even though in most every way there is no real underdog in this situation since both teams are phenomenal); 2.) I’m a sucker for a good story of redemption; 3.) The field goal kicker for Alabama, Shelley is from Raleigh, NC and I always have to support a fellow Raleigh native 🙂 and 4.) I hate LSU on principle. Congratulations to ‘Bama for SHUTTING OUT LSU, not letting go across the 50 yard line until the 4TH QUARTER, and believing in your Field Goal kicker to get the job done. ROLL TIDE!!!

What better way to immortalize ultimate success than in ABS Plastic? Which is so timely because the inaugural BrickFair-AL convention is this weekend in Birmingham! If y’all are in the area y’all should definitely check it out. I wish I could be there but unfortunately I have to work…boo. But, I will have some swag available to purchase with vendor Victor Fernandez including some fun figs, fig-tees, and Alabama-LSU bricks. 🙂 Below are some pictures…Enjoy!!!

Roll Tide!!!! Congrats on SHUTTING OUT LSU!!!!

BrickFair 2012 Fig and Fig-Tee

Roll Tide!!!! The score and date is engraved on a 2x4x3 red brick. Also included are some mini-figs for BrickFair 2012 to commemorate BrickFair-AL.

Close Up of Bricks with Fig

Congrats Alabama!

Close Up of Engraved Brick and BrickFair 2012 Fig-Tee

Alabama: 21 LSU: ZERO 🙂


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6 responses to “Roll Tide!!!”

  1. Slamdunk says :

    Shelley sure stepped up when they needed it the most.

  2. Peyton Armstrong says :

    Really cool. It would awesome if you had time to put the results of each game of the 2012 season on the front. The pinnacle of the “A” would obviously be the BCS Title game. On the back, you would have the starting roster or 2011-2012 stats. Regardless, badass!

  3. Christopher Bolton says :

    Need to get in touch with you about getting some custom bricks for the Tennessee Valley LEGO Train Club in Huntsville.

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