New Custom Items added to our BrickLink and Etsy Stores!

At BrickEngraver we have been busy adding stock custom items to our Bricklink Store (The Original BrickEngraver) and our Etsy Store (The Original BrickEngraver). These include dice tiles, printed flags, and TARDIS tiles. Are there any custom items that you would like us to add? Any flags that we haven’t printed up yet? Different fonts? Different color combinations for the dice or TARDIS tiles? Please let us know! Below are some pictures of the newly added items. Enjoy!

1x4 blue tiles engrave "Police Public Call Box" as modeled on Doctor Sinister's TARDIS. A full set contains 4 tiles and costs $12.

1x4 Black Tiles Engraved "Police Public Call Box" for the TARDIS. A set includes 4 tiles and costs $12.

1x2 white brick printed with Spanish Flags

Spanish Flag printed on a 1x2 white brick; cost=$1.50

1x2 White Brick Printed with the Flag of Great Britain.

Italian Flag Printed on a 1x2 white brick; cost=$1.50

2x2 Yellow Dice Tiles

2x2 Red Dice Tiles

2x2 Black Dice Tiles


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