The LEGO Group = The A Team!

If one wants to fined the qualities of what constitutes the “A” Team, they would find it in The LEGO Group (TLG). Why you ask? Well a few things…

1.) They make a high-quality, long-lasting, popular product. Other toys may come and go but LEGOs are here to stay. 🙂

2.) They are a great company to work with and work for. Very professional and congenial. Never might nicer people than the Danes. 🙂

3.) They have an incredible business savvy. TLG went from being a company in hot water to being one of the most profitable companies in the world (heck they are one of the few ones growing in Europe in a RECESSSION). While other toy companies have seen sales of their products drop…more and more parents are investing in LEGOs for their kids. Maybe it’s because they know they’ll play with them for more than 2 hours and then throw it in the back of the closet. Love of LEGOs lasts a lifetime 🙂

So yes…LEGO is a member of the A Team…and what better way to remind everyone of this fact than to engrave it on a LEGO brick? Below are bricks that we engraved for LEGO Systems, Inc. in Enfield, CT to hand out at a conference on October 10th.

2x6 red bricks engraved with The "A" Team


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