Last month we engraved an “army” of dojo mini-figs for the first annual dojo conference which was held September 16th-17th in Arlington, VA. Dojo is a JavaScript toolkit and it’s offical website and conference website can explain a whole lot better than I can ever hope to. We coordinated with one of the speakers John Hann whose focus is AMD Module Patterns (no I have no clue what that means…but you should visit John Hann’s website…). On the front of the fig we had the dojo logo and on the back dojoconf 2011  lifeIMAGE was one of the sponsors of the conference whose focus is on making medical images available across a variety of platforms and quickly between and within hospitals.  All very cool and exciting…and I bet most of the people who attended the conference played with LEGOs as kids 🙂 In fact I bet there is a huge crowd of AFOLs or AFOLs in the making. 🙂 Below are some pics…enjoy!

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