YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) New England

Recently we were commissioned to do an order for YPO New England. YPO New England is one of the many chapters of YPO=Young Presidents’ Organization. YPO is an international organization who members are young business leaders. Members must be 45 years or younger and hold the position of President, Chariman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Managing Partner, or Publisher at a qualifying corporation or division. YPO offers opportunties for networking, continuing education, and forums to connect and bounce off ideas with fellow members. For more information please visit their website at www.ypo.org.

We were asked to create boxes made completely of LEGO(tm) to act as centerpieces for a recent YPO New England dinner. At the end of the dinner the box was made to collapse or simply just to pick it up to reveal a free Itouch for the guests! Very nice 🙂 Thanks so much to Joe Meno of BrickJournal for helping us design the box. 16 boxes with 4 printed panels each plus printed tiles on the top of the box makes for A LOT of LEGO(tm) parts and a lot of printing time. However I think that they turned out really well! So did our contact Caryn Saitz of Creative Strategic Solutions: “The boxes just arrived and they are AMAZING!!! I love them…thank you so much!” 🙂

YPO New England Box without Panels

Bottom of the YPO New England Box

YPO New England Box

YPO New England Box

YPO New England Box

YPO New England Box with Removable Panel via 2x4 white tile

YPO New England Box with Removable Panels

YPO New England Box Top

Now normally we don’t make a big deal about shipping. Heck we live right across from the Post Office (literally). However 16 pre-built boxes…that need to ship to Newton, MA…without breaking? I really don’t know how Sean Kenney and Nathan Sawaya do it with their large sculptures. We actually packed each box in bubble wrap in their own box…and then put 8 boxes into the largest box that USPS will ship. Kind of like LEGO/ cardboard Russian Dolls. It is probably the largest order bulk/size wise that we have ever done. It is also one of the few orders that we needed to use the doily to transport. 🙂

Packing the little boxes in the big boxes

That is big box...

1 box down...1 box to go!

Boxes on the Doily

Tommy on the way to the Post Office with the boxes 🙂

Thanks to Caryn Saitz for the below photos of the YPO New England Boxes in action 🙂



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