Brickworld 2011

This is sadly yet another incredibly delayed post. Brickworld Chicago was held this past June at the Westin Hotel. It was the 5th year anniversary and the biggest turnout yet! It looked like a great success and we wish we could have made it this year. Congrats to the organizers Kathie and Bryan Bonahoom and Adam Tucker. We engraved the trophy tiles, the badges, Brickworld 2011 bricks, and printed the official Brickworld mini-figs. In addition to printing the mini-fig with the Brickworld logo we also printed a special 5th year anniversary edition. 🙂

We also made some unofficial badges for the event for various AFOLs. Nannan Zhang of the Brothers Brick had us engrave a badge in the style of the official Brickworld badge but with gold-plated bricks. Very posh 🙂

Many members of IndyLUG also ordered customized bricks and badges to bling up the official badge.



Note the top brick is engraved Ninja black on a Ninja 🙂

Jamie Spears of MichLUG also ordered a custom badge complete with an engraved LUG logo.

For more information and pictures for the event please check out the official website at: Also, get excitied for Brickworld Indy coming in March!


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