A LEGO July 4th weekend

This post is rather belated but I thought I should share my awesomely LEGO July 4th weekend. First of all there were two great conventions that I did badges/ engraved bling for that weekend. One was the inaugural Brick Fiesta in Austin, TX and put on by TexLUG. We engraved 1×8 tiles with “BrickFiesta 2011”  as well as 2×2 blue tiles with the Texas Star. I wish that we were able to go because it looked like a lot of fun. Below are the organizers sporting their badges (Chris MacDouglad on the left seems to have accumluated a lot of our badge bricks over the years 🙂 ). To the left is a close up picture of the badge itself. Very cool. Please note that we did not engrave the name and location tiles for the event. Thanks to TJ Avery for letting us use his pictures! Be sure to check out his flickr account at http://www.flickr.com/photos/38583693@N04/


Also, be sure to check out the run-down on Brothers Brick as well as the flickr page for more photos of the event.




Another convention was the Bluegrass Brick Jamboree held at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Burlington, KY. It was put on by OKI (Oklahoma, Kentucky, Indiana) LUG. Below is a picture of the badge that we did for the members of OKILUG who were helping to run the event.

For more info on Bluegrass Brick Jamboree and OKILUG as well as to check out some very cool pictures of the event please visit the links below.





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