Well I think this is my first blog post.  My daughter is really the one who keeps these things up, but since it seems that everyone in the world blogs, I figured I would also. I wonder if this makes me a bona fide journalist with all the privileges associated with that distinction. For example can I now get press credentials for events? lol

I am extremely happy today for a few reasons.

First my printer is finally working and am getting out past orders that have had to make excuses for. I have never in my whole life been aggravated more by anything than this technology–but when it works it is way cool.

Second  I wanted to annouce that I can now embark on some of those ideas that have been mulling around in my brain for years. One of those is to print artwork onto the noble brick. When I first came up with the idea of personalizing LEGO bricks, I had no idea what the AFOL “community” was. But the idea did catch on with the community and events started ordering my perhaps one claim to fame, the engraved brick badge. I started going to those events to market my idea and began to see what amazing creations that these talented people could make. I began to meet a large number of people from a sub-culture of which  I previously had been completely unaware. Lots and lots of software engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers–engineers of all kinds. And I also met a young guy (can call him “young” since I am truly an old geezer) that was different, and that was Nathan Sawaya. He used the penultimate Cartesian element and turned them into impressionistic personal expressions. I was quite honestly blown away, coming form an artsy fartsy type of mentality. He seemed to be able to take something as mundane and ubiquitos as a simple LEGO brick and transform them into emotionally and intellectually stimulationg sculpture. That is quite a darn feat, in my opinion. The very first time I saw his work “way back in 2003 or 2004”, I was pretty much blown away. So I am really pleased to announce that I have entered into a licensing agreement with him to print images of his artwork on the media that he uses to create it.

More about that later–hope to have some of the ideas at BrickFair this coming August.

The third reason am happy today is that am drinking a gin and Wink. Probably my favourite summertime drink. If y’all do not know what Wink is, it is or was made by Canada Dry back in the 60’s and is only available in certain areas of the USA now. They really should re-launch it as it is great with gin and vodka and also darn good without the alcohol.

Tommy Armstrong


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